Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Latest Revolutionary Model- Multivision

Multivision, as its name suggests is a television in which many people can watch different contents, simultaneously, without compromising performance (Its not a television that divides screen into four parts, etc....).
Its principle is absolutely simple-'FRAME RATE'.
Things we are going to need- High Speed Shutter Glasses, a signal receiving machine which can shred the videos and rearrange them, ear-pieces and remotes for every individual and last but most important, a television having fast response time ( say around 5 ms).

Now, we have to manipulate few things-
  1. High Speed Shutter Glasses- We are not going to use them for what they are made, and instead of that we will use their property of blocking our vision for a limited decided time. Both eye-pieces must work simultaneously ( they work independently in 3D TVs- that's not required here). So, we need to program them according to our need.
  2. Machine- All we need here is a processing unit that-
  • First converts a video stream at a definite frame rate.
  • Then arranges the individual frame of different streams one after another in a sequence.
  • It also must send audio of each channel separately to the desiring viewer ( we have different ear-pieces and remotes for each viewer).
  • It must receive signals from different viewers and differentiate them from each other so that chances of malfunctioning decreases.
Manipulations are done and now lets do some maths ( Here we are going to assume that we have only 4 viewers)-
  • After amplifying normal frame rate (~30 fps) to 50 fps of each video, then shredding them down to single frame and arranging them one after another as a single unit, net frame rate of new mother stream is 50x4=200 fps.
  • Hence if in one second, 200 frames pass in front of our eyes, then each frames take exact 1÷200 seconds  = 0.005 seconds or 5 ms. This is the response time of our television.
After we have done all this, its time for our especially manipulated high speed shutter glasses to work.
Now, here's the real trick- the nature of our mother stream is like 123412341234.. i.e. it displays frame of stream one for 5 ms, then of stream two for same time, then of three, four and again one. For viewer number 1, streams 2,3 and 4 are useless and will cause difficulty in viewing experience, here comes our high speed shutter glasses which will block every frame ( i.e. they will remain closed for 5x3=15 ms) expect that of stream 1's frame ( by remain opening for 5 ms). Our viewer can hence experience his video and audio without any interruption.

Few people might question that most of the time our vision will be blocked, but I must remind that our eye can judge difference happening only in about one-tenth of a second. This time period is so small that we won't be able to even judge that what is happening.

This principle is quite simple and I tried to share it with companies like Samsung and LG, but they haven't replied so I decided to keep it open for everyone. If you have any query regarding MULTIVISION, you are always welcome.

Here I have few rough sketches regarding it ( I am not a professional and have been doing this for first time, so please bear with me).